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5 Essentials to Master the Athleisure Trend

Rosewood and Grace

Master the Athleisure Trend with These 5 Essentials

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By now, hopefully you’ve heard of the term ‘Athleisure’ and have even likely seen several celebrity sighting photos of various celebs rocking the athleisure look while grabbing their favorite brew at Starbucks.  Still not so sure what the athleisure trend really is?  Well, to put it simply, the athleisure look can be achieved by wearing workout gear all day and leaving people to question “Did she just come from the gym?”  The best part is – no gym membership is required! 🙂

So what exactly does it take to master the athleisure look?  Not much, and most likely, you’ve probably got all the essentials already!

1. Messy Bun

The messy bun is a staple of the athleisure look as it fully supports the ability to go from workout to hangout.

Messy Bun - Athleisure Trend Essentials | Rosewood and Grace
Photo: instagram / @ydragonn | Photo: instagram / @aspynovard | Photo: instagram / @fashionqueen__101

2. Cute and Comfortable Shoes

If you’re going to be working out, of course you need some comfortable workout shoes.  But those shoes will also come in handy when you go from the gym to the mall for a day of shopping!

Asics – Gel-Domain 4 Women’s Tennis Shoes |  Nike Tanjun Women’s Camo Print Athletic Shoes | Adidas CC Adizero Tempaia III

3. Workout Pants and Sports Bra

These days workout pants and sports bras come in all cuts and colors.  The important thing to remember for the athleisure look, is find an outfit that you’re comfortable in, because you’re going to be in it all day!

Adore Me Purnica | Adore Me Alia Plus | Adore Me Deepthi

4. Loose-fitting T-shirt or Sweatshirt

Not all of us are celebrities and can walk around town wearing only our cute workout pants and sports bras – some of us want to cover up a bit more!  What better way to do that than with a loose-fitting t-shirt or sweatshirt?

Women’s Zella Twisty Turn Tee | Adidas Originals Mint Three Stripe Sweatshirt | Asos Lounge Jersey Off The Shoulder Sweatshirt

5. Tote Bag

To pull the athleisure look all together, a tote bag is essential to ensure you can store all of your stuff that is required for an actual workout, then some extra stuff that you may pick up while shopping!

Remesh Tote Bag | Adidas Studio II Reversible Tote | Neoprene Perforated Tote


So now that you’ve seen a glimpse into the Athleisure trend, I’d love to know your thoughts!  Is this a trend you can get on board with or should you only wear workout clothes when working out?


5 Essentials to Master the Athleisure Trend | Rosewood and Grace

9 thoughts on “5 Essentials to Master the Athleisure Trend

  1. I do yoga/stretching in the a.m. and workout in the afternoon so sometimes I just end up staying in my athleisure all day. Ha! I didn’t know that I was being trendy. 🙂 Love the sneakers.

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