Be Safe – National Women’s Health Week 2017

Rosewood and Grace

Daily Good Choices and Positive Habits Can Help You Be Safe

It’s National Women’s Health Week and all week I’ve been sharing various health tips to inspire and encourage women to take a little bit of time for themselves.

Today’s tips are fairly simple and really won’t take any time at all.  In order to ensure that you are on the road to good health, there are a few things you can do that will ensure continued health and safety.

  1. Wear your seat belt.  There is really no reason not to wear a seat belt.  We all make sure our friends and family riding with us are wearing seat belts when we’re driving (at least I hope so), but it’s such a quick and simple easy habit to do, so take the extra second to click your seat belt each time you get in the car.
  2. Don’t text and drive.  It’s so tempting to look at your phone while you’re driving.  Maybe you just got a text from the person you’re driving to meet for lunch, or maybe you just heard the “cha-ching” from Etsy letting you know you made a sale.  Whatever you think you need to know at that exact moment, you don’t.  The texts can wait until you arrive at your destination or at least until you can pull over somewhere to check them.  Be safe and keep your phone in your purse or out of reach while you’re driving so you won’t be tempted.
  3. Stay away from tobacco products. Smoking is not attractive and it’s definitely an expensive bad habit.  I understand that it’s a habit that’s hard to break, so check out local resources that are available to you.  You may be surprised to know that you can likely find a program near you that will offer you free nicotine replacement, usually in the form of patches or gum, in addition to counseling or coaching to help you in the quitting process.  Check out this site to learn about various cessation programs that are available.

For additional tips and ways to be safe, check out the infographic below.

Be Safe | National Women's Health Week 2017 | Rosewood and Grace

Rosewood and Grace




National Women's Health Week 2017 | Rosewood and Grace

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